What’s the difference between car restorations & refurbishments?
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What’s the difference between car restorations & refurbishments?

There is no more excellent pastime than taking your car and tinkering with it to your heart’s content. When you want your ride to look as good as new (or even better), you can do a range of things to bring your pride and joy back to its former glory.

What state is your vehicle in, how much work is required, and to what extent do you need to fix it? Is a complete overhaul in order?

To that end, you might wonder what the difference is between restoring and refurbishing a car. We’re here to give you a rundown on what each of these processes might entail.

Car Restorations vs refurbishment

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably throughout the industry, but there is an essential distinction between the two:

Restoring a car involves taking an older vehicle and returning it to its original condition. By completely stripping it down to start from scratch. The task is then to spend your time restoring it to the original manufacturer’s specifications. In most cases, you’ll only need to fix your car if the vehicle has severely aged or if you’ve been involved in a collision or accident.

Meanwhile, refurbishing a car means upgrading and improving your existing interiors, features, and electronics to make them even better than before. In other words, it’s time to pimp your ride with all the bells and whistles.

The benefits of having a refurbished car

When you choose to refurb, you’ll have confidence in knowing your car has been fitted with all the latest technology and features in the industry. This is so worth doing as there are several benefits, including:

Safety: You’ll know your car is up-to-date with all the latest safety features. This will give you total peace of mind when keeping you and your family safe.

Convenience: Innovative features are always designed to make your life easier on the road. From auto-lock to automatic windows to cup holders and being able to put the top down. There are many ways to upgrade your car’s features to improve your life for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Comfort: Is your air conditioner on the fritz? Upgrading your automobile’s electronics or air conditioning can significantly improve driving comfort.

Style: Tweaking features like the grill or handles can enhance your car’s overall appearance and turn heads as you hit the streets, making an impression for yourself and lifting your reputation.

Whatever changes you make will invest in your future comfort and peace of mind, so you know your car stands up to the test of time. Not sure where to start? Chat with our team – we have plenty of ideas up our sleeves.

What does a typical car restorations include?

If your car is a lot older or has been badly damaged in an accident, several things can be done to restore the vehicle. The first step is to assess the state of the panels and bodywork. Panel beating, or smash repairs, will help to realign or smooth any panels back into place or treat boards that have shrunk or become warped.

If your paintwork looks chipped, scratched, or discoloured, it’s worth looking at that, too. If there has been any rust or hail damage from being out in the elements, this can also impact the eye of your vehicle.

Premium car refurbishment

The procedure of restoring a car can be delicate.

If there’s been damage to the interior, you’ll need to strip your ride down to the basics so you can start again. This might involve tearing out and replacing the vehicle’s electrical system, stereo, and upholstery. Also, other features like the grill and handles.

Once you start replacing components with brand-new parts from the manufacturer, your vehicle will have a fresh, new lease on life so you can take it back out on the road in style.

Premium auto refurbishing services

So you’re refurbishing a car and want it to look pretty spiffy. Regarding auto refurbishing, we are your experts in the South East suburbs – so feel free to pick our brains and entrust your baby to us.

We’ve restored automobiles for decades. Professional panel-beating smash repair services aim to make your vehicle look as good as new in no time. Our car restorations are second to none and set to impress.

We take pride in what we do and look after your car as though it were our own. We’ll have it in mint condition and on the streets, ready to make an impression.

If you’re interested in a service with us, call us on (03) 9792 4913, or come in for a chat at our Balmoral Avenue body shop in Dandenong. We’re here to answer your questions for your total peace of mind.

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