How to Be Sure You Have Chosen the Right Panel Beater
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How to Be Sure You Have Chosen the Right Panel Beater

Choosing the right panel beater can be difficult. But it is important to know the following to ensure you are dealing with the true industry professionals.

1. Know the Timeline

If you’re like most drivers, then there’s a good chance your vehicle is important to your livelihood. You drive it to and from work every day as well as use it for leisure. Without it, your daily life becomes more difficult to maintain. Basically, you need your vehicle to be properly repaired and on the road.

Of course, you also want your panel beater to do a thorough job. The time it takes to repair your vehicle will vary depending on the collision and the extent of the damage, as well as the availability of necessary parts, but a reputable panel repairs garage will be straight with you about these aspects. Ask your potential repairs provider about the timeline of repair.

2. Ask the Garage if They Use Genuine Parts

If you’ve noticed that one of your quotes is much lower than the others you have receive, this may be because the parts the company is using are non-genuine, inferior parts. Be sure you ensure that your panel beaters is using genuine, quality parts, so that you know that your vehicle will be properly restored.

Genuine parts are produced by the manufacturer to exact specifications. They function effectively, last longe than off-brand parts and fit the vehicle perfect. When repairing something as vital as your car, it’s hard to justify using anything less than manufacturer-quality parts.

However, there can be exceptions. It’s also worth noting that some panel restoration services may install poorer quality parts without reflecting this in the price so that they can increase their margins. This is highly unethical, but is does happen. Ask your repairs company in advance if the parts are genuine, and don’t settle for anything less than genuine.

3. Is the Quote Tailored to Your Car?

With so many models, makes and vehicle types on the road, it’s safe to say there’s no such thing as a simple, one-size-fits-all approach to panel repairs. Even so, some repair companies will attempt to selling pre-configured packages as opposed to tailoring the quote to your vehicle.

You’re well within you rights as a consumer to enquire if they’ve ever worked on your particular model before. This is especially vital for top-end luxury vehicles, which require more expensive, higher quality parts and are usually more difficult to repair.

4. Enquire About Paint Used

Once the dents have been beaten out and the panels have been selected, there will have to a new coat of paint applied. But some panel beaters use poor quality paint. Ensure your repairs company is using a high quality paint to go over your vehicle. Do your research and don’t settle for anything less than the best as poor quality paints will only fade and become discoloured with time.

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