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Commercial Smash Repairs
Commercial Smash Repairs


Premium Melbourne Co

Stud Road Panels understands the need for commercial vehicles in pristine working order. In business, the saying “time is money” is paramount, and a company can’t wait for part of its fleet to receive a slow, inefficient service.

That is why the highly skilled and experienced vehicle repair experts at Stud Road Panels. It provides a fast, comprehensive commercial smash repair service. We work in a manner that ensures your work vehicle gets back on the road quickly and in top condition.

Your vehicle is essential to us. We always strive for our service’s quality and treat two jobs equally. When you need Melbourne’s top commercial smash repairs service to have your vehicle back on the road and make money. You can contact the experienced professionals at Stud Road Panels.


We Care About Your Work Car


The pristine condition of your company vehicles is essential to our team. We believe in treating every car we service as our own and never settling for second best.

Nonetheless, despite our quick turnaround on company vehicles. Our best service is always available, which is a testament to our unrivaled work ethic.

Why Choose Stud Road Panels?

We consist of a team of highly trained and experienced commercial smash repairs experts. With years of service under our belts and a record of providing impeccable service for every vehicle we repair. You can relax with peace of mind if you bring your company car or work vehicle to our Dandenong body shop. We will restore the vehicle to top condition, if not make it more presentable than before the unfortunate accident.

Furthermore, we only use the highest quality parts and state-of-the-art equipment to provide our smash repairs service. Our team is being retrained in using this equipment. To ensure that they do it to the highest standards every time they work on repairing a vehicle.


Have Any Enquiries?


Suppose you have any further enquiries about our commercial smash repairs service. If you would like to book a company car for a service, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful staff.

We are dedicated to providing our community of motorists with the highest standard of service and communication. We will be happy to discuss your requirements or book your car for a time that suits you best.

Please fill out an enquiry form on our contact page or call us at (03) 9792 4913, and one of our team will assist you with your enquiries.

Our garage is conveniently situated in Dandenong, and we offer our services to motorists from surrounding areas, including:

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